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Established in the heart of the Marne Valley on the slopes of Cerseuil, Valérie and Benoit Van Gysel cultivate a vineyard of four hectares around the village and in the neighbouring village of Vandières. The fourth in a generation of vintners from father to son and then daughter, Valérie Liébart, of pure Champagne stock, took over the helm of the family business with her husband in 1996. This is when they created the Van Gysel-Liébart brand to develop and commercialise it in France and abroad.

Passionate about wine and the land, Valérie and Benoit meticulously tend their vineyard throughout the year and whatever the weather. They see it as their duty to respect Nature and also, above all, the family values passed down over the decades.

Valérie and Benoit Van Gysel mainly grow Pinot Meunier grapes but also cultivate a few well-exposed plots of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, allowing them to create a wide range of cuvees to satisfy the every taste of their customers and fine wine enthusiasts.